Pension Review

It might be the case that you have built up a selection of pensions with different companies from previous employers. It is important to ensure your pensions are working well for you. Do you know how it's performing? Does it contain high charges? What level of risk are you taking? Will you have enough in your pension pot at retirement?

The size of your final pension fund will determine how much income you have at retirement. Excessive charges, poor performance or a delay in addressing contribution shortfall will have a dramatic impact on your fund.

If you’re unsure about any of the above then we would highly recommend a review of your plans. At Rees Astley we can help you make sense of your existing arrangements by presenting you with an overview of your pensions, a detailed review of the performance, charges and flexibility including providing projections to retirement.

The following are types of pensions we are able to review;
  • Deferred Annuity
  • Free Standing Additional Voluntary Contribution Schemes
  • Personal Pension Plan
  • Retirement Annuity Contract
  • Section 226
  • Section 32
  • Self-Invested Personal Pension
  • Stakeholder Pension
  • Trustee Buyout Bond
Company Pension Schemes
  • Additional Voluntary Contributions
  • Defined Benefit Scheme
  • Executive Pension Plan
  • Final Salary Scheme
  • Group Money Purchase Scheme
  • Group Personal Pension
  • Group Stakeholder Pension
  • Occupation Scheme
  • Small Self-Administered Scheme