What is an IFA

An Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) is a professional who offers impartial advice on financial matters that are tailored to meet your needs and objectives.

They will recommend suitable financial products after conducting a detailed review of your financial position, preferences and attitude to risk. Unlike a free guidance service, or information you may find online, the advice provided by an IFA will take account all of your personal circumstances and will make clear recommendations on how best to achieve your objectives.  

IFA’s are regulated by the financial conduct authority (FCA) and must meet strict qualifications and competency requirements.

There are two types of financial advisers, ‘restricted’ or ‘independent’.

An independent financial adviser can offer the full range of financial products from all firms across the market and has to give unbiased and unrestricted advice.

A restricted adviser can only recommend certain products, product providers or both. They may look at financial products through restricted agents or only advise on products from a limited selection of providers.
A restricted adviser cannot describe the advice they offer as ‘independent’.   

At Rees Astley, our team of independent financial advisers can give you advice on a full range of products from the whole of the market, they can help you manage your money at all stages of life, help you achieve a set goal or simply find ways to improve your finances in general.

We know that most people will encounter many big financial decisions in their life and as such we can research and help recommend the best options for you and put these plans into effect while finding the best product on the market.