Pension Consolidation Advice

It might be the case that you have been working for a number of years and built up a portfolio of various different pensions from previous employers.

This can make it difficult to keep track of your retirement savings, how they are performing and if they are still on track to meet your retirement needs. There is a danger that plans get forgotten about or left in expensive, poorly-performing funds with limited investment choice.  Consolidating them could be the solution.

Having one plan could make keeping track of them much easier, it could also potentially reduce the amount of fees you are paying.

It is important to review all your plans; while some may benefit from being transferred others may include termination penalties or contain valuable guarantees and should be left until retirement. If you are unsure we recommend you seek advice.

At Rees Astley we would write out to your existing pension providers and obtain full details regarding the charges, investment performance, any special scheme benefits, rules or conditions and will compare these to what products are currently available in the pension market place to ensure your pension portfolio is on track to meet your needs and objectives.